Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Namesake Nacelace from Hannah Designs has Arrived!

I ordered a namesake necklace from Hannah Kim @ Hannah Designs on Etsy last week, and it arrived from the USA today. You can also find Hannah on Facebook
And I am absolutely thrilled with it!, Hannah was extremely Helpful , a pleasure to deal with!
The starling sliver disks are hand stamped, I decided to have five disks.
 The first has the date I got married, the second has my husband’s Name, the 3rd has my eldest Son Bailey, the Fourth My daughter Sophia, and finally the Fifth has my Son Phoenix’s name.
You will also noticed that I have a little heart charm representing my love for all of them, and a little hearts stamped either side of Ashley’s name and little Stars either side of my children’s names
I choose the star’s because has corny as it sounds, they have fore filled my dreams of becoming a mother, so I hope they reach for the stars and achieve all their dreams and desires in life, and in my eyes each of them are little stars, all bright, and beautiful and I could gaze at them forever.


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