Thursday, 2 June 2011

30 day Photo FUN! Day 2 - Shoes

I have a hidden guilty Pleasure in buying shoes’ especially Heels!!
Why is it a hidden guilty pleasure I hear you ask?!
The reason being – I don’t wear them! Only a few have seen my shoe collection, and the ironic thing is I wear the same pair of flats every day! Yet I have over 50 pairs of shoes (last time I counted – and that’s not including boots) shut away in their own double cupboard in the hall. (I am a stash addict after all!!)
My weakness are Carvela and  kurt Geiger *swoon* very impractical and ultra-killer heels! (I am 5’7ft as it is!)
Was really hard to pick just one pair to show case! As there were a lot of contenders!
But the pair of shoes I have chosen are a pair of navy blue 6inc heel, platform’s Made by Carvela
Last time I wore them, was in Brighton for my 2nd Hen night (was pregnant with P on Frist)
And I just think their pure Gorgeousness and they make me feel ultra-feminine, even if I do look like a toddler walking in my mums heels! :)


  1. I have a friend who has about 80 pairs of shoes. I have about that many knitting needles, so I can't pick on her too much ;-)

  2. I love Carvela and Kurt Geiger. I have one pair that I searched for all over London, finally found it in TK MAXX (oh the irony) and wore them only once ever since. But every now and again, I take them out of their box and admire how pretty they are :o)

    The black one you've got are saucy!!


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