Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Work in Progress Wednesdays 4/5/2011

At the moment, I am working on finger pin cushions, some of them will have beads sewn on top, to look like Jewels.
I am also in the process of planting my Veg patch , brought  loads of veg and herbs and strawberries and a mushroom growing kit, so the children can be more involved, with what they eat, and some giant sunflower seeds for them to plant.
I brought the wool today to make some knitted goodies; I am going to cast on tonight.

And I got load more vintage scraps from the postie this morning, so I can make a start on my vintage dolls.

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  1. yummy vintage scraps. I thought your finger pincushions were mini bean bags - but a fantastic idea. Saves using the arm of the sofa as a pin cushion ;-)
    Hope your veggies were safe in the frost last night. I think some of my broadbeans have been had :-(

  2. That's quite a list! I'm especially in love with the fabric scraps - such fun patterns! And am jealous of your vegetable patch. I still haven't figured out how to garden in Colorado. Still snowing here occasionally!

  3. Wow, lots of stuff! I love love love those fabric scraps. Whenever I read someone mention veg patches, I think of Wallace and Gromit, Curse of the Wererabbit. LOL

  4. Love the vintage scraps. I'm also curious to know more about growing mushrooms. It looks like you're growing them in a box? Is this a kit your bought, or is there somewhere online I can learn to do this?

  5. Those finger pincushions are fantastic (and I totally need one, as I'm always shoving pins into the folds of my pants as I sew, eep), and I can't wait to see your knit goodies---the photos look delicious already.

    Also delicious: homegrown veggies, mmm. I hope you have good luck with them!

  6. Thanks for all the lovey comments :)

    Abby- I brought a kit from the garden centre, you grown them indoors in a warm place, I should get 3-4 sets of mushrooms which each have a 3 week Waite in-between sets. They are grown in a box, I sure if you google you could get kits on line!


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