Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Work in Progress Wednesdays 18/05/11

Good afternoon everyone can’t believe it’s Wednesday already!
With the blogger website being down on Friday, I never got the chance to show my finished Mini Caponcho, which I made for Sophia, if you’re interested click here for a peek.
I also picked up two whole sheep fleeces, on Saturday from a friend, and i am having to wash, small bits at a time, in a cooking pot, so that I don’t block my bath! I have only done a small bit so far and have loads to get through! You can read my post on a step by step guide on washing Here!

I am also growing some plants, for natural dyes(will be a post about this later), but while there growing, my friend Lee gave me some Kool-Aid at knit club last night.
Will show you on Friday how it turns out!

My other WIP this week is Crochet..
I have wanted to learn crochet for ages! Esp as my Phoenix is also a big lover of yarn (from an early age he has cuddled balls of yarn, or cuddled up with one of my knitted jumpers/ cardigans) , so I asked my asked my friend to aske her mother in law to make him a rainbow blanket( she sells them for £20!!), which he adores it!
 Inspired by his blanket I have started to teach myself how to crochet! eek

It’s my mother’s birthday in June, and she has been through a tough time lately, and to ice the cake, one of her cats got ran over a couple of days ago (she has sixteen), and he is to have one of his legs amputated and the other pinned, how he managed to drag himself back home with two broken legs is beyond me! So I wanted to make her something extra special, a double size (yes you did read that right lol) crochet granny patch work blanket for her birthday, as its a patch work one, i can try out different patterns and styles, so really its a sample blanket! i have no pattern that i am following, as of yet.
The one on the black and white on the right:(
With little help from Kat( roadsideknits) at knit club last night, she helped me learn all the different stiches. And this morning I have been trying to make a square, and learn how to read a crochet pattern, needless to say its not perfect! But I now know where each set of stiches need to be to make it square instead of round like my failed attempts. I love that it grows so fast!! And I am really excited about this project!! Hopefully I will have a few squares to be proud of on Friday! if any one knows of good granny square patterns that are good for learners, let me know :)
In the garden, my sunflowers seed are starting to shooting up, the children’s flowers are growing nicely, can just see the beginnings of my carrots sprouting! And my mushrooms, are going into the garage for the 2nd phase of growing. So can see more about the garden here

 looking forward to seeing what your all up to this week!!
If you would like to see what other bloggers are up too! Or take part in WIP click here


  1. I keep meaning to learn a little bit of crochet, but then I get side-tracked by yet another knitting project!

    Looking forward to seeing how the dyed yarn turns out - the colour looks like it'll be great ;)

  2. The rainbow blanket is very pretty and bright and cheery. Congrats on teaching yourself to crochet, looks like you've got a good start.

  3. Your crochet looks great! I love the blanket. The colors are gorgeous.

  4. That is a fab blanket and your squares are looking very good. I used to be able to do them when I was a kid but I can't seem to figure them out these days.

  5. Yay! more crochet! I can't believe you got that blanket for £20, that's a bargain.

  6. I was going to fb you to find out how you were getting on and then spotted your post - the fleece is looking FABULOUS!!!!!!!

    And I really admire the way you approach things like the crochet - you really put your all into each project, it's very inspiring x

  7. Aww Thanks Sarah, that means alot coming from you! as you inspire me too :) xx

  8. I love granny squares! Lion Brand's website actually has a few basic granny square patterns that are really easy. I'd recommend checking them out :)

  9. thanks for the tip Venividivoom! i am going to check them out now :)

  10. Wow! You've got so much going on! I'm inspired by your garden, I really need to get started on ours before the growing season is too short

  11. First off, I wanted to say how much hearing about your mom's cat just broke my heart. What a lot to live through -- I hope he recovers without complications!

    How do you like dyeing with Kool Aid? I actually just dyed my fourth skein (with Kool Aid) tonight. I am jealous you're actually getting to dye the wool, practically straight from the source!
    Someday I wish to use natural plant dyes also (orchid flowers gleaned from my father's greenhouses) but I don't have the patience I would need to properly extract the colors.

    Best of luck with the granny squares. They can be wildly addicting! :)

  12. The mini caponcho is so cute. That is a really sweet gift for your mom. I am so impressed that you are able to crochet squares and rounds. When I first learned, I was only able to crochet rows. I've never tried growing mushrooms before. It looks like a lot of fun.

  13. The caponcho is awesome! Great job on it. So sorry to hear about one of your mom's cats. :( I'm sure she'll love the blanket!

  14. Oh wow! what a lot going on! Sheep's fleeces! Amazing! and that rainbow blanket for just 20 pounds?? that's great!!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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