Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Work in Progress Wednesdays 11/05/11

Wow this Wednesday, has come round really fast!
Currently I am still working on Sophia’s Mini Caponcho, which knits up quickly so I am hoping to be completed by Friday.
I am also STILL working on the knitted birthday cake..*rolls eyes*, after working in the round, and I really hate having to purl every other row!
I was also taking part in the kids clothes spring week, and was working on a top yesterday to match a skirt, i made on monday, when I had a jam, and knocked my machines timing out, lucky I found a mender who was local, and fingers cross I should get Gertie back today, as good as new and fully serviced!
On the garden front I have got most of my veg in, just got some root veg and my peas and beans to plant, in the raised beds my hubby made me last night. and i brought some flowers and blubs that need planting.

I also brought some more mixed herbs from home base yesterday, at £1 reduced from £7.99 each what a bargain!! so i got a few lol

Some of our seeds have started to grow; the children are very excited about this!,ok i am very excited too :)
Last but not least, I am still writing up a post on my garden, which I am hoping to get finished today!
Look forward to reading and seeing what everyone else has been up too!

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  1. We've all been excited about our seedlings this week too. Mr Miffy and I go for a walk round the garden each night to see what new things have sprouted.

  2. I love the colours of the mini Caponcho - looks like you have been really busy this week!

  3. Busy week!!!!

    We didn't plant our garden here but the people were keen gardeners so Spring here is aways a surprise - I'm loving it!

    Looking forward to seeing your grow


  4. My garden is a mess right now. It needs to be burned down, raked out and tilled before planting.

    PS your stitch marker looks like a bar of chocolate, I'm hungry now.

  5. I'm loving the colours of Sophia's Mini Caponcho!

  6. Can't wait to see the Capancho all done and a knitted B-day cake? Oh wow!

  7. I've managed to get a day almost 2 days where the weather was nice enough to be outside doing some yard work. I've managed to weed one fence rows, but have 2 more to go.

    I too dislike pearling every other row and love knitting in the round...


  8. Wow, you've been super busy. I love gardens so much. And your pink yarns look so cheerful and beautiful.

  9. Garden time! Makes me wish I had more than a balcony these days...

  10. I'm very intrigued by the idea of a knitted birthday cake...

    We'll be planting tomatoes tonight, my husband has just been anxious about getting out into the garden again. Good luck with your garden!

  11. I just wanted to say that first photo is gorgeous. Love the yarn, love the needles. :) Last holiday season I got interchangeables. Maybe this year I can get a set of those beautiful wood ones.

    Someday I hope to have a garden like yours. I'll enjoy living vicariously through your blog until then.

  12. Stick with the bday cake. I'm sure it will be awesome! Your garden is turning out great! Keep us up on the progress of the seedlings. :)


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