Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday 25/05/11

I am still crocheting granny square’s for my mums blanket; it’s her birthday next week eek! So I am trying not to get side tracked by any other patterns, I do how ever need to finish My Fibre birthday cake!..BUT I am going to crochet one instead of knitting one. It’s for my sister whose birthday is also next week!..My son is 10 on the 31st, so we are going to Disney land in Paris on Friday for three days, and then it’s my Mums birthday on the 3rd of June and my sisters on the 5th eek!!  I need a miracle!!

My Husband is driving to Paris so I going to use those hours in the car and the euro tunnel to crochet like Mad lol I am hoping to squeeze in an or two in the evening’s as well!.
Oh and the yarn I am using is Marble Chunky, because I love the colour way’s, and also I wanted the squares to be thick and warm, as I mentioned before Mum has a lot of cat’s so she needs to be able to put the blanket in the wash so acrylic is ideal! , I am also still waiting on the postie to bring me four more different colours!

I also want to get these finished so I a start a blanket for me!..i have the Lucy style craft pack *swoon*  waiting to be used.

On the garden Front, my plants seemed to have a growth spurt this week, and finally some of my seeds are sprouting yay!!, nothing on the mushroom front yet, I have to check every two days so hoping there will be some sort of sign when I get back from Disney!

I also got three fab books out from the library. One is on Natural Dyeing, another about Spinning, and I also got my hands on the Happy Hooker, which I am going to buy! LOVE the patterns in this book..(Having to use every ounce of willpower not to start something lol)   
Last but not least, I have been revamping some clothes that lack my ideal colour’s lol..i have changed two pairs of comfy white linen trousers to purple and Blue, and I also have a few boring grey tops taking a bath with black dye as we speak :)

Will be catching up with those of you taking part in FO Friday on Monday when I get back! Have a fantastic weekend!
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  1. I really like marble chunky - it seems really soft for an acrylic, so I bet the blanket will be lovely. Good luck for finishing it on time!

  2. I hope you get the blanket finished and everything else too. You will need so much willpower to resist the gorgeous Lucypack!

    I have a copy of Happy Hooker too and I agree there are some great patterns in there.

  3. You can totally do the birthday thing!! I know it. BTW I love that you dye your clothes. That's brilliant.

  4. You've been soooooooo busy!!!! Where do you find the time?

    You're going to finish those projects like a champ, I just know it.

    *Nicky slinking off so she doesn't covet Danielle's Lucy pack -- oh the sweet, scrumptious colours*

  5. I hope you guys are right lmao! My hand is aching just thinking about it!

    Find the time???....have to make the time! Or I wouldn't get anything done :)


  6. Awesome post full of fun color! Have a great time at Disneyland! I've been to Disney Paris once, but it was about 11 years ago. The blanket looks awesome so far and I'm swooning over all of that yarn!

  7. The blanket is very pretty. I know how exactly how that goes when you are trying to resist new projects in order to finish gifts, I'm in the same boat this week. And hooray for gardening!

  8. I'm on birthday back log too!!! Hope you manage to make something on time for everyone xx

  9. Great to see you have mastered the hooky stuff so quickly, your Mum's blanket is looking brilliant. Have a great time at Disney. x


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