Sunday, 8 May 2011

Weekend Update 8/5/11

We have, had a very productive weekend here!
Friday afternoon, I went and watch my son drum his little heart out, in the finals of his school talent show! He has been teaching himself how to play the drums in his break times, so I had never heard him play before now, he was brilliant! I am so proud of him, just getting up there in front of the whole school and the parents to preform is a great achievement in its self.
When we got home, I helped the children sow there sun flower seeds, and pot there carrots, sweet corn and pumpkin, they each have their own plants to look after and harvest
I also got a lot more potting done, I am going to try and grow some birds of paradise plants, there seeds are beautiful, I had to soak them in warm water over night, before I could sow.
On Saturday I casted on a mini Caponcho for Sophia, she decided she wanted a different yarn to the one I made previous, so the Caponcho I had already started is now worn by her teddy.
I also watched “Get him to the Geek” and it was hilarious, I was crying tears!! (Maybe it was the wine??) P Diddy, was surprisingly brilliant!
Today I, sorted my mushrooms out,  i have to put them in my airing cupboard for 10 days, then in to the cold aka my garage for the remainder, very simple and easy!!(more about this later)
After Phoenix’s nap, we took the children down to Littlehampton, for lunch and then along the seafront to go, on a few rides! We had great fun! As you can see from the photos!

Didn’t get round to playing with my scraps, but I am planning to set aside some time for tomorrow (famous last words!!)
Hope you have all had a fantastic weekend!


  1. Wow what a busy weekend, your kids look really happy at the fun park and those seeds you soaked look amazing.

  2. Looks like you've been very busy! I'd quite like to grow mushrooms, but I have a slight fear of growing mushrooms - completely irrational and very strange! Perhaps I'll get over it one day!

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! great photos and Congrats to your son on learning to drum and for participating in the talent show.


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