Monday, 23 May 2011

Weekend Update 23/05/11

 We had a great weekend, my husband played golf Friday afternoon, which gave us all a “free” day on Saturday, to go out as a family
We decided to go to Paultons Park, last time I went, were 6 years ago, and couldn’t remember if the Park was any good and I have to say, it exceed my expectations! It’s also the Home of Pepper pig world!! Which both Sophia and I were very excited about!!

All the rides are aimed at children, so they were able to go on ALL the rides, my husband and I took it in turns to stay with Phoenix’s while the other accompanied Sophia, Bailey was able to ride alone which made everything easier
In pepper pig world, there were rides that Phoenix could go on, and lots of toddler friendly parks, in gorgeous bright colours.

We also played crazy golf, and a water bomb target game, were you have to fire them at each other and you’re not allowed to dodge them, needless to say Bailey got soaked.
They also had beautiful gardens to walk though and parks! also aviaries with all different kinds of birds, and penguins!

On the way home we got Take out, and brought some movies at blockbusters! Once the children were tucked up in bed, I enjoyed a nice glass of wine and a cuddle with Hubby, perfect ending to a fabulous day!

On Sunday, Hubby went out, so the children and I just pottered around the house, Sophia helped me in the garden, taking charge of watering the plants while Bailey kept Phoenix entertained with football.
Phoenix also had fun with Bailey's Wash Basket!
After dinner, I managed to crochet three granny squares for my mums Birthday blanket, which I am really enjoying making. i also got to use my new clover crochet hooks which are brilliant!!
 I have to restrain myself from looking at crochet patterns on revelry, as my mum’s birthday is next week, so have to stay focus and get this FO pronto!
Busy week this week, we are off to Disney land in Paris on Friday for three days to celebrate Baileys birthday, and have to be in Dover for 6am!
Bailey will be 10 years old on Monday! I can’t believe I have been a parent for a decade, it has just flown by! Makes me sad to think in another 10 years He might be thinking about leaving, or had actually left home!. I will use this as constant reminder to savour every moment of their childhood, soon they won’t need me anymore or at least in the way they do now, I just hope they look back on their childhood with fondness and Know that they, were and are, very much wanted and loved!
On that note, I bid you goodnight I am going to get back to my granny squares :)


  1. Peppa Pig world looks fab - it's only a matter of time before we head there but Little Miss isn't a great traveller so maybe a little while yet.

    The squares are looking great and I'd be really interested to try those hooks out too ;-)

    Happy hooking!

  2. Actually welled up with that last paragraph! They will always be your babies!

    Sophia is a girl after my own heart - that looks like she dressed up to do the garden! Love that!


  3. Sarah - Next year A and L will be the right ages to enjoy the park! your welcome to try a crochet hook! i have two size 4mm ;)

    Lee- i welled writing it....Sophia was wearing her bridesmaids dress from our wedding! She makes me laugh, I really could she her as a farmer’s wife, feeding the pigs in her Sunday best, teamed with stilettoes , she would be in her element!!

  4. looks like a fun weekend.. who is the Chelsea fan in the pics? Bailey? My bro is a die-hard Chelsea fan although they aren't doing good this season.

  5. love love love the photos!!! makes me want to keep coming back!

  6. Thank you jette, :)

    Knottygal, my whole familey are diehard fans lol were from fulham is it's apparently expected "says my dad", lol


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