Sunday, 15 May 2011

Weekend Update 15/05/11

I had a, very Fun filled, busy weekend.
Saturday we went to Fishers farm, we are so lucky to have this place on our door step, the children absolutely love going there! Infact we all love it so much we invested in a family membership, so I can take Phoenix during the week for an hour or so, on most days.

I also finished my mini Caponcho, I am really pleased with the result!, and Sophia hasn’t taken it off since. I also made some cute little fabric heart patches to cover up the rips in her jeans.
I also took delivery of two bags of Raw sheep fleeces thanks to lovely friend, they need to be washed, i did a small bit saturday night, it cleaned up lovely!  ( there will be a separate post on this tomorrow)
This morning Sophia had her Modern Dance exam, so we had to be up at and on the school mini bus to Southampton, I went along with them, to help do the girls hair, needless to say, they all very excited!! Thankfully on the way home most of them went asleep lol
Sophia felt she did really well, I wasn’t allowed to watch, and we will find out in 6weeks if she has passed.
I have also done lots of Gardening, and I am pleased to report, that I have now managed to pot all my veg, herbs etc, and my seedlings are growing nicely! I am having to do them all in pots because we are knocking our bungalow down and building a house,  this way I can move them about, so they don’t get in the way.
I hope you have all had a great weekend!?


  1. Very busy weekend!!!! Loving the mini caponcho! :)

  2. You have been busy, how is the crochet going ?

  3. Sounds busy indeed! :)
    I like the farm pictures! Thnks for sharing them!

  4. Kat - its not going at all :s i am going to have another go though! i will not be beaten!! lol


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