Thursday, 26 May 2011

Project Spectrum 5 - Au revoir

Posting this week’s Project spectrum early, because I am off to Disneyland for the weekend. Yay!
I have also made a my own Felt out of wool tops, and turned the sheets into a Big Red Rose for a Brooch, for this months “red” project!

Hope you enjoy the photos, this is the last set of RED themed for May.

Have a Fantastic weekend everyone!!


  1. Great photos and projects! I love your day by day of the strawberries. Have a wonderful time at Disney!

  2. Nice project spectrum photos!

  3. Lovely pictures!

    I love the step-by-step guide to strawberry ripening ;) They actually look kinda pretty unripe, but it's so hard waiting for them to be red all over before eating them! (apparently you can buy ones which never go red and are edible when pale, which must be sorta confusing)

    Have fun on your trip! :D


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