Friday, 20 May 2011

FO and Creative Friday 20/05/11

Yay! It’s Friday!!
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This week for Creative Friday
And For This week’s FO Friday

I have made a few more squares! And even Managed to read a crochet Chart for the Daisy square!
I am very pleased with myself!! Lol I love knitting but I find the patterns and stiches very overwhelming at times and I still don’t understand the structure of them. , and when I started knitting last year, it took me along to time, to be able to produce something, that actually looked, like it was meant too lol
With Crochet, I understand the stiches and what roles they have, within the structure of the pattern, so it’s just click for me, which is funny because I have been avoiding learning for the fear that crochet “seemed” really complicated.   I know there only simple granny squares lol..but when I compare it with my first knitting project, which was meant to be a scarf, and had more holes then stiches. I feel feel very triumphant , that not only I got the pattern right first time,  but I actually understood what I was doing, and they look pretty ( Yay!!! )

Now on to the not so triumphant dyed fleece, which I dyed with tropical kool-aid
My carder skill’s are non-existent (only got them this morning!), as are my spinning skill, but I wanted to try and spin a little so you could the true colour

I also managed to get half a bag of sheep fleece washed and dried in the sun!
I have brought some underwear mesh bags, so that I can try bit in my washing machine. It’s good to experiment with different methods right?. Nothing to do with me being a tad lazy!! Lol
Also have a picture of my first go at spinning with my drop spindle; it’s not from this fleece though.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! Look forward to seeing what you all get up too next week!
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  1. Wow. You are a busy women! I love the colour you picked for your fleece. Kool Aid dying is a lot of fun.

  2. Love your photos this week!

    And as for crochet, I am here having a go with it and I am finding the opposite to you so far - knitting is far more natural for me than crochet, although I also think that my ageing brain is just getting slower at learning new things so that could also be a part of it and I'm hoping that once it clicks it will click!

    Looking forward to seeing the outcome of all that fleece when you've had a practice :)

  3. I am in awe of those beautiful photos -- wow!

    You've been busy with all the fibery crafts, too. Knitting came first for me, so i'm still waiting for crochet to click. So far I love that my crochet projects have been easier to rip out than my knitting ones tend to be.

  4. NIce photos and fiber projects! I would love to learn to spin too. Looks like your doing very well.

  5. Yay for crochet! And neat to see how many different areas of craft you've dipped your finger into!

  6. Beautiful job with the fiber! I'm just starting to spin a little more regularly and I have some undyed fiber I'm longing to dye - but I'm too afraid to do it until I've spun it. I picture a pot full of purple felt, which wouldn't really do me any good. This post gives me hope, though. I'm also a little in awe of the scope of your fiber washing project - it looks like a lot of work!


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