Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday

I am still slogging away on P fluffy Blanket, really should have used bigger needles then a 4mm i have a feeling he would have up and left home by the time i have finished, so i might frog it and start again, with a different yarn??
I have just cast on, Emma Fassio's, caponcho.i have had to frog it three times already,because its my first time knitting in the round, and using the magic loop, I keep twisting my knitting grr...finding it quite hard :S
I am using a marble chunky for this, as I don’t want to any of my posh yarn to get ruined lol

I picked these up at unravel :)
Just about to attempt my 4th go at the magic loop..really hope i succeed this time :/

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  1. Don't give up, I'm sure you will figure out the magic loop with a little practice. I can do it, but don't like it much -- instead I use two circular needles at a time and for me that just seems easier. Good luck!

  2. Oh good luck!! I'm sure you will get it eventually!!

  3. Those stitch markers are so cute!

  4. Good luck with magic loop. It is challenging the first time, but you can do it!

  5. I'm still working on getting comfy with the magic loop - love the colors of the yarn. New follower!

  6. Love the stitch markers! It took me a few times to get magic loop at first, but not it's easy. You'll get it soon!

  7. Love your blog. Your felting is wonderful--such gorgeous colours. Thanks for your comments to me.

  8. I only use magic loop and hate when I have to use anything else. Make sure that all our stitches are in the same direction before doing your first joining stitch, (ie the bottoms of all the stitches are at the bottom.) I find this really helps me. Though sometimes things still do go wrong. Deep breath and good luck.

  9. I would be afraid to use those stitch markers for fear of drooling on my knitting!
    Good luck learning the magic loop. I have to admit, I still use dpns.


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