Sunday, 10 April 2011

some times its the the little things

Not a lot from me this weekend, I went out on Friday night with my husband, which these days is quite a rare occurrence, so have been feeling a tad hangover but all worth it, we had a really good night, and it was much needed, I did however manage to finish my neck warmer made from the Debbie bliss soho! And cast on Phoenix a fluffy blanket.
I love seeing my efforts being loved, and used, its so rewarding.
My autumn shawl gets used a lot at the moment, especially by Phoenix, who loves to snuggle with it on his bean bag or the sofa and in bed , I like to use it round my shoulders, when it starts to get chilly of an evening, but at the moment it only, comes down half way down my back, at the back, so the next one I make, will be double the size and will be more like a blanket.

I captured this picture last night of my daughter fast asleep with one of the sock monkeys I made her for Christmas, its so rewarding to see her still loving and cuddling the teddies I have made for her, and it makes me feel very special, that out of all her toys, and 100s of teddies she has, the ones I made her, are her favourites, and the ones she chooses to snuggle up in bed with :)  

Its the little things like this in my life, that make me so happy :)

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