Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Comfort food...

Had a very non-productive couple of days craft wise, I haven’t had time to write up my felted flower tutorial, or get a head start on my mum’s fairy..so feeling a bit peeved off.
 I have my father in law coming to stay tomorrow, and Sunday we fly to Spain, so have been busy cleaning etc, it’s no secret, that I am not a skilled multitasker , in fact I have a brain fart, if I have to try and remember more than my own name most days..I blame it on baby brain..but  I am fully aware that “super mums” do exist..*sigh*…sadly and not through the want of trying, I will never be one….i am hoping I will regain some brain cells now that were heading out of the nappy stage..
I had stich ‘n’ B tonight and tried to cast on Emma Fassio caponcho..i say tired because it was my first time doing the magic loop and in fact knitting in the round…and I kept getting my rows twisted..i have  frogged  it three times *cry*  I will try again tomorrow…practice’s makes perfect right!!
As you can tell, I am feeling really sorry for myself. * Cue violin’s* .lol. what better way to comfort myself..then making a huge bowl of crushed ryvita mixed with nutella..tastes like Ferrero Rocher!!!  But without the calories!! YUM!!


  1. Oh no, now I must try Ryvita and Nutella!! Thanks for sharing :o)

  2. Paula - it's sooo yummy, be warned lol :)

  3. I shall sent you the receipt for the extra gym classes I'll have to take :o) jk!

  4. LMAO...it's fine..it's ryvita, which is good for you right...?! ;)

  5. You are hilarious, Danielle xxxx

  6. wow i have got to try that - i love forrero's, tasty much!! good luck with the project xxx

  7. Ok, first of all...SPAIN!! How exciting! :) Take lots of pics to show us all.
    Next, I've been looking for something to eat with my Nutella. Just doesn't go with bread or crackers like some people have said. I've never heard of Ryvita, but you can bet I'm going to buy it since you compared it to Ferrer Rocher, which I absolutely love.
    Finally, thank you for your very nice comment on my blog. Please stop by again.


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