Friday, 1 April 2011

Making Cakes....

After a ball winding evening with my two friends...YES we are so ROCK n ROLL :)
 ..I just had to get my hands on one!!

I have been stalking the poor postman for two long weeks..(note to self. Must check location on ebay listing BEFORE buying!) and finally it has arrived!! :)

spent the best part of yesterday, and this morning, caking any balls or any small hanks of yarn i could lay my fingers on....i think they look so much better in neat stacks. There is also something quite therapeutic in the winding process as well, which will be handy, as my children have just broken up for Easter Holidays..three long weeks :)
I had to use my children’s wooden play kitchen as a surface for the winder itself, which i thought was quite apt :)

Yummy cakey Goodness

I have also been rewinding some vintage balls i got from the Charity shop......they look so much better caked!!


  1. Love it totally the kind of task I can get lost in and get far too much pleasure from...everything in order :) LOL Hannah x

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