Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Caponcho and the magic Loop

I have to say, now I have cracked the magic loop, it’s the best thing ever! I am loving the fact that I don’t have to purl! Magic loop really opens up the possibilities door, where knitting is concerned, my only minor grumble, which is most probably down to my technique, or lack of, is the distort in the first joining rows, I have been pulling it tight, so its not to bad! If any one knows of away to sort this please let me know!!

And now on to my caponcho, I love this pattern by Emma Fassio, so simple yet effective!  The one I made my sister claimed, so now in the process of making Sophia a little one, then I will make one for me in Posh yarn!..I am so pleased how this turned out! It’s the first thing I have knitted, that had no mistakes or sewing up to do!

Let me know what you think J

Model is beautiful sister, i think the colour suites her perfectly :)


  1. I love it, both the pattern and the yarn. Congrats on figuring out magic loop. That's definitely on my to do list.

  2. What a lovely poncho and adorable poncho. I like it when she wears it with the decreases in the front.

  3. Thank you all for taking time to comment :)


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