Saturday, 16 April 2011


Think I have cracked the magic Loop J, not been able to get a lot of knitting done, because I have had my father in law to stay, and like I have mentioned before, I am not a skilled talking while knitting esp while doing magic loop would not be wise.

Instead I have been indulging in my other love in life which is photography J
Here are are a few moments I captured this week J

we went to visit fishers farm, to see spring in action!!

My father in law flew in from Iran

Phoenix has enjoyed having his big brother home from school

My daughter chilling in her room

  As you can see, we are all, enjoying the Easter holidays; I love having the children home J
 Tonight we are off to Spain for a week, I am taking my knitting with hopefully next week I will have some actual knitting to show you …and of course plenty of pictures from hopefully sunny SpainJ

 So Adious for now :)


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