Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My ever growing Stash :)

It's official, i am addicted to touching, looking..and ultimately buying and hoarding fibre in any shape or form..there is just, something about yarn and fabric and anything asscocated with the two, that send my wheels of lust..desire..from a want to a NEED..i am also very easly enabled which on its own is dangrous :D

for exmaple i was quite happy knitting with my cheap marble chunky! untill a friend introduced me to "posh yarn"...and now i cant stop buying..Hand dyed, hand spun, wool..or the coat of a baby alpeca reared on a special diet on a Inca burial site in Peru.....You get the picture :D

Ironically i am too scared to knit, with most of instead i spend hours, looking, touching, sometimes even smelling my yarn, or raw fibre.
i also love to spend hours on Raverly, looking at patterns..its an achievement  that i actually get any knitting done!!

Here are a few of my Favorite yarns..not because of the way they knit..but because of colour, feel, and smell :D

i just find the colour of this yarn orgasmic

i love the sparkle in this yarn

again the colour and the softness

i am a sucker for a rainbow

Here is a picture, with all my Fav yarns taken togeather

My stunning knitpros, which not only look amazing!! they ARE amazing!!

How cool is this 20mm needle! is bigger then my 6year olds arm!!
if any one knows what there used for, please let me know!! :D

this is Wensleydale wool, its naturally curly, great for making dolls hair!!

100g of rainbow wool tops :)

I could sit here and upload pictures for hours! but dinner wont make it self..sadly!!.

I am stalking the postman for a few new watch this space..:)


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