Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Journey so far

knitting & felting

A collection of my progess so far....i have a long way to go! but i am really enjoying the journey :D

knitted with Marble chunky

matching wrist warmers
rainbow scarf
one of my 1st projects not very well made, but i love them all the same :D

needle felted owl

Wet felted Balls with bells inside.

Big ted

little ted :)

wizards willy :) made for a special NM friend :)

I really love my sewing machine :), i enjoy the whole process of sewing, and the instant gratification i get from the instant results.

I made Phoenix these out of an old pair of jeans :)

I made this bag for my mum

I made this bag for my daughter to hold her dance kit

I made her face and boy out of an old top, i used a fabric paint for the backing

Doll for my daughter

sock monkeys

Hand warmer from left over socks

Halloween bunny

Owl for my Son

Rainbow quilt for Phoenix

Matching pillow case

Apron for Sophia

With a section for her teddies :)

Started making Felted food, for the play kitchen

These have needle felted peas

My first ever doll

This one is Being made in to a mermaid

Playing with Dye

I had a go at tie dyeing! was great fun!..i have also dyed a Didy,which is a woven baby wearing wrap, and want to dye my own yarn in the future :)

Was a light lime green, will dig out the before picture.

That concludes the Journey so far!


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